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We produce and supply sawn timber products for the building materials sector, the manufacturing and wood processing industry. The products are made from spruce and soft wood.
Our production capabilities provide access to a complete range of products not only in terms of a variety of different sorts of products, but also dimensions, moisture content, quality and strength, as well as varying degrees of processing, such as preservative impregnation and painting.

Softwood is our raw material
Our products are made of softwood – spruce and soft wood. Spruce products feature excellent strength properties and are suitable for construction. Customers in the construction and do-it-yourself sector are the principal buyers of these products. soft wood has good properties for carpentry and molding production but also packaging and impregnated products.

Construction timber
We produce wood products primarily for construction and housing-related purposes. We look to customers who demand high quality in terms of both products and delivery services.  

We provide products such as studwork timber, battens, planed wood products, strength-graded wood, tongue and groove timber and boards, cladding and impregnated timber.

Approximately 70% of production is intended for high-grade construction materials. Sawn timber is manufactured in a range of lengths and dimensions. They consistently hold a quality that is adapted to customer specifications. Sawn and planed products can also be strength-graded and have various types of quality certifications.

In addition to offering high product quality, we provide a high degree of delivery reliability and short lead times. In recent years, we have developed customised logistics and IT solutions.

Raw material and grades for all needs
In our sawmills, the entire log is taken care of. Approximately half of the log
volume becomes sawn timber. The other half is provided to the paper industry and wood board industry. Bark, wood chips and sawdust are also sold to the
biofuel sector or used as energy in the sawmill. All Södra industries are self-
sufficient in energy by utilizing the waste products.

The fresh wood moisture content varies between 30% and 160%. To be able to be
stored without any quality loss the timber is dried below a 20% moisture level. The wood is dried to usually an average moisture content

Quality Wood & Timber

Befit Properties is providing a wide range of lumber supplies for industrial and commercial units all across the Lagos. We are focused on catering to the construction demands and the innovative requirements of contractors, woodworkers, designers, and engineers around the Lagos.

We are one of the leading wood suppliers in Lagos of high-quality woods and lumber that is widely used in an array of fields. We make sure that our lumber supplies are long-lasting and offer great strength and robustness. Our high-end customer service and highly versatile wood supplies can make your purchasing experience with us the best one. Indeed, our reliability, fast delivery services, improved customer experience, and competitive rates are some of the major factors that make us the leading wood suppliers in Lagos and other corners of the Lagos. Befit is one of the most famous plywood and wood supplying platforms based in the Lagos. We have collaborated with the best wood manufacturers, and distributors around the Lagos to present to you a wide range of lumber supplies like Hardwood, Marine Plywood, MDF, Plywood, Whitewood supplies in different sized and quality at the wholesale price.


Roofing & Carpentry Services

We provide clients with roofing and carpentry services. the quality of our workmanship are excellent and we have well trained professionals to deliver on your projects


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